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Stop going through the Pre-OT journey alone. Get plugged into community and get the mentorship you need to start standing out as a Pre-OT. We provide weekly group coaching and strategy calls. We also provide members with access to OT genius live events and a video library of over 22 hours of content on how to get into OT school and do it in the most financially savvy way. Stop shooting in the dark. Whether you have a few years till you apply or applying now, this is the community for you to meet other Pre-OTs, OT students, and current clinicians.

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30+ practice questions, 4 hours of practice, assess your body language and responses, and gain the confidence you need to rock the interview.

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If your need observation hours, we have you covered. Students in our virtual observation hours group get 2-4 observation hours a month. Don't apply to OT school without getting exposed to some different settings.

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2 day workshop where we go in detail on how to level up your personal statement to lock in your admission. Take your essay from generic to one that is guaranteed to stand out. Plus 2 one on one calls to go over your essay!

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Magoosh GRE Test prep

The best and most cost-effective study resource out there to study for the GRE. Start prepping for the GRE now!

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Anatomy bootcamp

Whether you're studying for your gross anatomy class as an OT student, Pre-OT, or for the certified hand therapy exam, this is great tool to have to ensure you ace your exams! You can try the free version then upgrade. You won't regret it. I am currently using it and love it.

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Resources for current OT students

Purpose Therapy Box

Created by 2 occupational Therapy Assistants (Holly and Ali) Get stickers, OT themed shirts, sponsor an senior at a nursing facility.

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OT Flourish-Learning Lab

If you are a new graduate looking for guidance and help as you transition in the world of older adults, then we have the program for you. Mandy Chamberlain MOTR/L is the founder of, the Seniors Flourish Podcast and the Learning Lab, a resource for OT practitioners and students have the resources, assessments, treatment ideas and support to think outside of the box in occupational therapy clinical practice. When she's not an online OT entrepreneur, she is chasing her 3 kids, hiking in the mountains or working on travel plans.

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Study for OT school the fun way with Phyzio-Trivia

The best and only physio related interactive trivia game you can play with your classmates in OT school. It includes a wide variety of topics from cardio-pulmonary to assistive devices, etc. You can even use it to study for the NBCOT to make studying fun!

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Precision Goniometers

This is a cheat-sheet goniometer. Never forget the normal ranges again or get them mixed up.

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